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şırınga üretim fabrikası

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şırınga üretim fabrikası

şırınga üretim fabrikası


ELVER Machine exclusive agent in Turkey the Middle East

 for LS Mtron (LG) for the Korean manufacturing electric and

 hydraulic injection molding machines for plastics various types and sizes, 

as well as integrated production lines for plastic factories and medical supplies, which include:


Disposable Syringe (syringe) Production Lines:
Disposable Syringe Manufacturing Machines:

According to market conditions specific to any country we can manufacture and processing of various types and sizes of production lines of single-use medical syringes


Machines which used in the system

Clean Room electrical injection machine
Syringe printing machine
Syringe assembly machine
Blister packaging machine
E.O.Gas sterilizer machine
Syringe mold set
Needle assembly machine
Gasket and seal production line
Needle production line


Syringe Type:

Syringe 3 piece type (rubber gasket) barrel / plunger / gasket
2-part can be produced without gasket

Services We Give for the Syringe Sector:

Detailed Feasibility Study for (investment cost analysis, Product cost analysis, market situation
Dimensional System Operation (Facility Layout Drawing 3D) 3-
By Factory and Clean Room production we can give counseling service
Construction and installation of machines
Production techniques and Laboratory Training
Periodic System Inspection


For More infotmation Please contact us :

Burak ZADOĞLU 00905331555663 – 00905379927023


şırınga üretim fabrikası, MEDİKAL ENJEKTÖR ÜRETİMİ HATTI


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